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Leicester continues to grow.

We thank God daily for the opportunities to teach, preach and spread the gospel around this city. We find daily that we are being invited into homes to teach the word and it is truly a blessing to sit with families and share the good news.
Janet is teaching the ladies and Sunday school classes, she is also encouraging the sisters to present short thoughts and bible readings for discussion.
We have a teen class that now study's every week, we also bring them to our home every Thursday for a meal, they then go on to my daughter Victoria's home for fellowship with the Loughborough teens and a study presented by my son in law.




We would like to thank you all for your prayers, love and financial help.
The Elders in Florida continue to receive funds from our supporters in the USA, these are then drawn to the UK and placed into a working fund account that is looked over and cared for by the Elders in Northampton England.
On the last day of each month, the Elders in Northampton make a payment into our family account for our support, please contact the Elders at Northampton anytime to receive statements of our income and financial reports.

Our funding is based mainly upon donations and special collections that are placed into our working fund, we have kept our income to an absolute minimal in order to sustain the work for as long as possible, the elders informed me that the funds will sustain us for a few more months, we thank God for this.

We trust God and will continue to serve, my family have been blessed with a roof over our heads and food to eat, we simply appreciate each and everyone who entrusted us with the Lords money to serve in this city.

We would again express our sincere thanks to you all, the last 20 months from the Church being planted we continue to see God doing great things, we give him all Praise and Glory.
Both Janet and I share a daily thought :   "God is in total Control" and we  fully trust Him.

We are pleased to say that thanks to God we have outgrown our meeting house, we are actively looking for a possible lease hire so we get total use anytime.
We look back at our first Sunday 20 months ago and see how God worked in this amazing city.

We have found a building about a mile from the current location, its in a large housing zone with car park, grassed grounds, 3 classroom, main hall and kitchen.
I have begun talks with the council and we await news regarding our application, we will keep this in prayer.

If you would like more information concerning this work or if you are interested in helping support Paul and Janet Hill, please contact us using the link at the top of the page.  Thank you.

  May 2021  
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