SonQuest 2012:  3-D: What Do You See

Encounter Class Schedule
Signature 1 Youth Ministry and Volunteer  150
Worker Resource Class
David Skidmore
Signature 2 Scott Perrault and Paul Huyghebaert 150 
Sing A New Song!
Join Scott and Paul as they introduce new songs into you’re repertoire and sing some oldies in the 
process.  You’ll enjoy this opportunity to sing!
Salons 1 and 2 The Ambassadors  (Drama Troupe) 150
Witness this effective group sharing their faith through drama presentation!  Whether through a prepared 
skit or ad lib you’ll be sure to love this Troupe’s heart for the Lord as they teach principles of Jesus in the 
most real approach possible.
Salon 3  Joel Singleton 100
The disciples lived with Jesus. They were literally tag-along’s wherever Jesus went for 3 years. I cannot 
imagine 12+ guys following me for 1 week, and certainly not for 3 years. Yet each one of them was
completely changed by the insane amount of time that Jesus spent with them. How would you be different 
today if you spent every moment for 3 years hanging out with Jesus?
Salon 5  Chris Radcliff and Jared Johnson   100
Sweet Child O’ Mine
Choice…the quintessential element of the human experience.  The ability to choose left or right, or 
choose to go or to stay, it's the very thing that makes our freedom of will possible. Everyday we're faced 
with thousands of choices that navigate us from the time we wake up until the time we go to sleep, but 
what if we knew the consequences of every choice we make before we made them?  How much different 
would every day be? Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, join us as we take you 
through the MINE field of life... we'll see you on the other side!
Salon 6  Chad Barron 100
Now For Something Completely Different!
How easy would it be to change the way you dress? The way you eat? The school you go to? The people 
you hang out with? How easy would it be to change the way you live your life. Not easy. Why is change 
so hard? Some say it's impossible. But is it really?
Salon 7  Walter Pierce   100
Our culture has become obsessed with "the living dead" or zombies. We see movies, songs, and music 
dedicated to them. Even the Center for Disease control issued a "How to survive a zombie attack" guide 
for our citizens. Join me as we look at how the apostle Paul discusses another kind of "living dead" in our 
world and how we can avoid becoming a part of it.
Salon 8  Lonnie Johnson 100
Self Fulfilling Prophecies!
Come join a discussion that many ministers have failed to teach the members—“If you accepted that ‘how 
you thought about your purpose and destiny’ would determine whether you would accomplish it or not; 
would you change how you think”? The truth is the Holy Scriptures teaches this reality! This may change 
your life forever!
Salon 9  Brad Poyet 100
Fig Wisdom
Try some fig. Be challenged to consider the fruitfulness of your life.  Find the balance of believing God 
will do the impossible; while at the same time humbly submitting to His will.
Salon 10  Tim Hines 100
Friction!  20+12
It's about time someone tell you the truth, The fact is that there is enough Junk in your life to keep you 
thinking and acting just behind enemy lines. Your life revolves around too many things that distract you 
from reaching for, and being all that you have been crafted for. You are so much more advanced than 
anything anybody has ever seen before and you are going to cause enough friction, that if given the 
chance will not just change you but a thousand others and that's a conservative estimate. Discover the 
secrets that can launch you into your most productive you ever.
Salon 11  Michelle Poyet (Girls Only) 100
Peace Rules
Are you a peacemaker or a peace keeper?  What is the difference?  We will take a look at the qualities of 
both and learn how to become a genuine instrument of His peace.
Salon 12  Paige Myers (Girls Only) 100
Suits Me!
Batwoman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Sailor Moon, Spiderman, Catwoman, Ironman, Captain 
America.  What do they all have in common that makes them what they are?  Super Hero status is granted 
to only a few…but it’s what we’re all cut out for.  
Salon 13 Brad Moser 100
2012:  The End of the World!!!
For years, people have been buzzing about the Mayan calendar marking the end of time!  Find out for 
yourself whether not it's true.  Could the world really end in 2012?!
Salon 14  Travis Eslinger 100
Eating Your Body Weight in Goldfish - and 27 Other Ultimate Challenges
When I was a kid, Fear Factor was one of my favorite shows.  I wanted to do every crazy “leap from a 
building” type challenge they had, but don’t think I could stomach eating live cockroaches.  What is your 
idea of the ultimate challenge?  Come find out what God’s idea is!
Salon 15  Carlos Isaziga 100
I Am Second-Jesus Is First
We live is a world that screams out to us to live for ourselves, to look out for ourselves, to be first.  From 
the media to the billboards and magazines we read, the say, “It’s all about ME, I am number one”.  Our 
society sees second place as inferior, but Jesus sees it as something great and calls His followers to live in 
second place. How can we live as Jesus call us to live?  How do we become second and Jesus first in our 
lives? Join me in this class and let’s explore what it truly means for out lives to say, “I Am Second”.
Salon 16  Matt Bancroft 100
The Lord is a ‘Peace’ of Work
What happens when you are over scheduled, over worked, underappreciated, broke, failing biology, 
fighting with your parents, doubting your faith, missing church, still behind on summer reading and God 
expects you to save the world?
Salon 17  Matt Robinson HD 100
Seeing the world through Jesus’ eyes changes your focus and view on life.  We will be looking at the way 
Jesus viewed people, this world, and life.  Are you ready do see the world in High-Definition?  If you’re looking at taking your relationship with Christ to the next level, then this is your class!
  October 2020  
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